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Get connected with F-Zero AX
Nintendo GameCube connects with the arcade
The F-Zero experience doesn't end at home. In September, Sega and Nintendo will launch F-Zero AX in arcades throughout the country. The unit features a GCN Memory Card slot that enables connnectivity with F-Zero GX.

Earn bonus features with your Memory Card
F-Zero AX CabinetNintendo GameCube

If you purchase an F-Zero License Card, the AX game will build a custom vehicle for you. You can upgrade the machine with the pilot points you earn for winning races. The card also saves your user ID, custom machine data, race data and pilot points, and provides you with a password for theF-Zero AX Internet Rankings.
By inserting your Nintendo GameCube Memory Card into the appropriate slot in the F-Zero AX arcade unit, you can take any of the F-Zero GX machines stored in your garage (including your custom machines, complete with emblems) for a spin on the AX courses. If you purchase a License Card, you can also use a GX machine to participate in the AX Internet Rankings. When using both cards, insert the GCN Memory Card first, then the License Card.
With your Memory Card in the F-Zero AX arcade unit, you'll receive 20 tickets (to use in F-Zero GX) every time you play. The AX vehicle that you're using will also be downloadable automatically to your Memory Card so you can use it in your GX game. If you're racing a custom machine built with an F-Zero License Card, theparts that make up the machine will be downloaded to your Memory Card instead.
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